The Farm

The Farm is a series of photographs made from 2008-2016 exploring the community of WHRI, a non-profit working farm north of Waco, Texas. I lived and worked onsite at World Hunger Relief, colloquially known as The Farm to residents, volunteers, and the local community, from 2008-2009. After my time ended on the farm, I visited several times over the next nine years to spend time with old friends who stayed as full-time staff and to photograph the new lifecycle of staff, interns, and volunteers. Since the farm is a place of constant change: farm work, live-in volunteers who stay briefly before moving on, one year interns who come to learn a skill before moving back home, and the natural cycles of seasons, I returned to the farm steadily looking for the commonality in experience. Above all, the sacred, almost ritualistic connection between human and nature becomes evident. The backgrounds of residents who work on the farm cover an array of education, nationality, ethnicity, and intention, but each person could speak intently about their developing understanding of natural life cycles and the need to physically connect with the earth. Through this shared experience, the community working the farm, in any given year, exudes intentionality in community and reverence for human interaction with the natural world.