A personal exercise in a time of transition. I am concerned with connecting to life through photography, words, nature, and cultivation. While photography is my primary medium, I find a freedom in the idea that photography is just a tool for communication, so the work here will not be limited to only photos but rather a conglomeration of visual or written work. A journal if you will. A diary. A record of time.

Drying Zinnias Indoors

This summer I grew a mass of colorful zinnia in the front yard near the street curb. Planted from seeds, zinnias are some of the easiest fresh cut flowers to grow in the hot, dry Texas climate. Last year I had a few stalks growing in front of my home in Houston. This year, once I was settled in my new house in Oak Cliff, Dallas, I dug out a large area of the yard and spread zinnia, sunflower, and bee-happy wildflower seeds.

Years ago my mother-in-law taught me how to save the seeds from spent zinnias to replant next year. These drying bouquets are round one for this summer. I’ve brought in close to 100 heads, some are laid out still drying, some are crisped and brown; my next step is to separate, bag, and label as close as possible for color/size/shape for replanting next season.

My goal here is to photograph the process as it happens, nothing too planned out or aesthetically systematic, but to let the day, the light, and area dictate the photographs. Show the world better but still as it is. I’d love to see more people planting flowers and other easy-to-care-for plants in their yards. Here there is a world of benefit to pollinators, local and regional environment, and mental health.