A personal exercise in a time of transition. I am concerned with connecting to life through photography, words, nature, and cultivation. While photography is my primary medium, I find a freedom in the idea that photography is just a tool for communication, so the work here will not be limited to only photos but rather a conglomeration of visual or written work. A journal if you will. A diary. A record of time.

On riding with horses

A morning with horses in Terrell, Texas fulfills the need I often have to feel the deeper parts of my soul. This sounds dramatic, but really I relish time spent leaving the city and breathing in warm country air. We spent this morning brushing, saddling, and riding a friend of a friend’s horses on her land. Charlie, Harry, and the tall full-breed I rode who had more “range” than any previously ridden horse in my life. Posting a trot took on a whole new meaning. I have a heartfelt of gratitude for spending a few mornings this summer out on the land with some of the most magical creatures.