A personal exercise in a time of transition. I am concerned with connecting to life through photography, words, nature, and cultivation. While photography is my primary medium, I find a freedom in the idea that photography is just a tool for communication, so the work here will not be limited to only photos but rather a conglomeration of visual or written work. A journal if you will. A diary. A record of time.

Family Easter on Film

Every April, my family gathers for a weekend reunion on the Easter weekend in Navasota. When I was a kid I have vivid memories of this family coming together in large groups for Christmas holiday rotating from one family house to the next. Some years they disappeared completely.

Now we have Christmas and Easter. Extended weekends when everyone can leave work, leave school, and spend a day, two days, three days together. Each year the April week grows. This year, one uncle smoked meat for 24 hours, kids raced each other for hidden plastic eggs. The adults raced each other for hidden plastic eggs filled with raffle prize tickets and we home with bottles of wine and gift cards. A family volleyball game lasted until sunset. The pool was never empty.

Navasota is a beautiful piece of Texas country. The hills are green, rolling into the distance. My favorite time during these weekends is the slow morning with a cup of coffee, sitting on the back porch looking west as the sun rises behind me onto the fields ahead. I brought five rolls of film with me this year and took a total of 75 pictures with my Pentax 645. Here are my favorites.