Dartmoor Summer School of Photography / by Melissa Laree Cunningham

This summer I have been accepted as one of thirty resident artists for the Dartmoor Summer School of Photography. I will be learning from Jem South, Susan Derges, Sian Davey, Brendan Barry, and Jason Evans in an immersive part-residency/part workshop in Devonshire, England this August. We will spend one full week exploring the wilderness of southwestern England and making work with each other and on our own. One of the things I am looking forward to the most is allowing myself the freedom to open up the windows for whatever the week will hold. I am grateful that I have this chance to step out of daily domestic life, reconnect with self and nature, while learning in community to further the tangible practice with photography.

To help fund travel oversees and cover basix expenses, I am opening up a 150 print catalog. I don’t often monetize any of the work I do as it stems mostly from passion and purpose.

Please visit the Catalog Gallery or email me for ordering or more information

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