A personal exercise in a time of transition. I am concerned with connecting to life through photography, words, nature, and cultivation. While photography is my primary medium, I find a freedom in the idea that photography is just a tool for communication, so the work here will not be limited to only photos but rather a conglomeration of visual or written work. A journal if you will. A diary. A record of time.


Cabbage; Denton, Texas Kodak Portra + Canon AE1

Cabbage; Denton, Texas
Kodak Portra + Canon AE1

a model of the universe
a nocturne written in minor key
a riverside opening
a breaking from the thing you know
a swelling up and letting go
a jazz refrain
an ending, a beginning
a beginning, and an ending
a blues chord on repeat
a mixtape
a morning drive through fields of cotton
a pie pulled from the oven
a watching from the distance
i root for you
i root

Melissa Laree Cunningham