A personal exercise in a time of transition. I am concerned with connecting to life through photography, words, nature, and cultivation. While photography is my primary medium, I find a freedom in the idea that photography is just a tool for communication, so the work here will not be limited to only photos but rather a conglomeration of visual or written work. A journal if you will. A diary. A record of time.



Today I dig, with one shovel, a garden in the front yard. Maybe a call to a deeper self, maybe there are one thousand and one meanings in this act. But it’s an act of creation nonetheless. Yesterday I watched a short video while going through week one in the online practices in MBSR meditation through Palouse Mindfulness. Shauna Shapiro spoke of phrase she heard from a British monk years ago, maybe decades: “what you practice grows stronger.”

The idea that intentional and unintentional practice both have the same effect. By choosing a void instead of creation, a mindlessness of passing time instead a growth in anything positive, I grow the void, the passing of time without meaning. So today I started a garden, and now my back aches. I cleaned the tiny nook which I dub my “studio” in the upstairs bedroom in preparation for a large round of scanning and printing and framing I’ll do soon for a small show in May. Today I made bread. I cooked dinner and laid it out for my family on the backyard tables. Yesterday I helped my daughter start a 3 dimensional solar system project. If my practice is to be mindful, create every day, be honest in this, then the past twenty-fours have been the most creation-filled.

Melissa Laree Cunningham