Chasing Home

Chasing Home considers the basic human need for connection, in both space and community, through black and white imagery that is simultaneously lush yet distant. Primarily autobiographical and lyrical in nature,  the images show a constant shifting of characters and spaces in the sub-tropical climate of Houston from 2015-2018 during a time of chasing and reclaiming a personal definition of home. I began loosely photographing this project in the summer of 2015 soon after my daughter Willa and I moved back to Houston, after a ten year hiatus from the city. We lived with my parents twice for a few months, moved in and out of two older apartments, and bought and sold a small 1940s house all before June 2018.  A defined "home" often needs a sense of stability, but Chasing Home is a reflection of these few years, not wholly representative, but on the rotating stages of distance and closeness. On creating home out of moving parts.

Exhibit April 28-May31
Main St. Projects, Houston, TX
Opening Reception and Artist Talk: April 28, 2-4pm

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